Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Slobberfest, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

this dogs name is Gus. Gus is a large dog and very messy, but as you can see, quite composed. Just goes to show you there is grace in all things.

The weather here in Boulder has finally turned back to the Boulder I absolutely love...sunny and warm and clean. I am still coming off my sickness (whatever the heck that thing was) so I am moving slower than usual, but the sun sure helps make me feel better. I took this picture on Sunday while Nita and I were having a fabulous Brunch at Brasserie 10 10...a great place on Walnut in Boulder where you can sit outside and have Bloody Marys and Chicken Fried Steak....can you say "Damn thats good." Anyway, it was a day in which we both were able to appreciate and celebrate and feel like the world was turning in the right direction. We brainstormed creatively, talked about the upcoming wedding, talked about riding bikes, and children and dogs. All in a simple moment in the sun....ok, with Bloody Marys in hand too, which is always better, but it is times like these that you feel ready for anything and ok with everything. So, today is sunny out, i feel like crap still, but I think we will go for a walk, or something outdoors to get things in the body moving..to kick this thing once and for all...

Love and Understanding.


Magdalena M. said...

... in all things, how could you! Sweet Gus :-)

Anonymous said...

You are SO incredibly talented. wow. love you zoot.