Sunday, April 5, 2009

warrrior of the light

boxer, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

I just finished reading Paulo Coehlo's book, Warrior of the Light...a quick read that is more like a daily mantra than story, but there is a fable aspect to it from start to finish. Sometimes these books are just fun to read and don't end up speaking to me much, but this one was different for tied into the War of Art and reminded me how important it is to embrace all of our faults, talents, and thoughts. I was struck how many times it mentions that the warrior knows they are scared and not sure and vulnerable. This is all too true and the basic idea that each day we are aware of our weakness makes us stronger if we believe in our power. It is a book that inspires us to stand up and fight as warriors, of course not in physical ways ( unless you would have to survive) but in the ways of the warrior's mindset. The idea that we are warriors blessed with a certain light in this world is the inspiring part, but the truth of dealing with it and how to be stronger is the challenging daily practice part....knowing when to lay down and not fight, knowing when to plan, knowing when to rest, knowing when mistakes are going to be made, but going ahead anyway, knowing who to believe and listen to, knowing how to train...all of these things we all struggle with each day.

One thing I found particularly interesting is was the concept of time...not thinking about hours and days, but minutes...not to the point where one would obsess about each minute, but the ever present flow of minutes throughout the day and night...there is no right way to be during just lives each minute for what it is...war, art, love, sleep, creation...

This idea that we can do anything we want in life is the hardest thing to grasp, but one that is the most important, so we are not slaves to the world around us. I think being a Warrior of the Light is the most difficult practice to choose....but the most rewarding in the end.

Love and Understanding


lu said...

First I love these pictures.

Second, I wish it were easy to let go and live the minutes. I'd like to find the book -- I know there are gazzillions out there that explain why it's so hard to be simple, why we complicate our emotional lives with so much gunk.

--I've been thinking about Boulder and spring, dreaming about running in the foothills. Thinking road trip in June. There is a campground just up Boulder canyon...

Justin Davis Davanzo said...

campground?? Come to Boulder, we'll take care of you!