Saturday, May 24, 2008

Big Kids

you know, sometimes late at night when i am up and eating chips and salsa and its late and I am watching a movie or doing whatever I want, it dawns on me, that i am a big kid and I can do whatever i want whenever i want and no one can tell me what to, sleep really late, or take a nap when i want, or go for a bike ride, or eat junk food, or drink a beer, or read a book or talk nonsense, or believe in myths and fairy tales or jump in know, things that we get to do as big kids...i look around and sometimes marvel and laugh at all the big kids pretending to be adults and forgetting they are really big kids...some of them are big assholes..too bad they never got to be a kid or still don't want to be...some of them are bigger kids than I could ever imagine and get to do things like play music, srite, and make movies, and guess what??? they get paid to do big kids play with heavy machinery and build roads and bridges and other big kids are the class president, or at least trying to be...lately that one seems the most important of them all, and sometimes the silliest...This morning, i didn't have to get up and do anything so i didn't and now I get to go have coffee...which is a big kid thing i suppose, but hey, its fun....i like being a big kid because my mom and dad still love me and i have a sister who is big too.  

have fun being a big kid this weekend.

love and understanding.


Cedar Martyn Caissie said...

Hi Justin, came across this blog online. Cedar

Swirly said...

I've thought the same thing, getting a kick out of being able to do all the things I wanted to be able to do when I was little. I think it is important to tap into that now and then.