Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Early Mornings

I love early mornings, once I am actually up...it feels like you are ahead of everyone else and get to have quiet and peace before the day actually starts.  My dad is king when it comes to the early morning session.  Growing up I always remember hearing him head out to the gym around 5 or 5:30, and then back at 6:30 and then off to work around 8 or so at the latest...once and a while I would try to get on his routine, but I was never very good at the early morning thing.  To this day, he can get up at the crack ass of dawn, without much problem it seems...when we go on our yearly motorcycle rides, he's up and ready to go by 6...I think it is a gene thing maybe?  I suppose I have always been more of a night person so I stay up later and I like to get around 8 hours of sleep, but still...later in life, due to construction etc, I had to adjust and wake up around 6:15 or so in the am, and eventually I became more able to do so, but rarely without great pains and at least 5 "Snooze" button relays..you know the kind...two more minutes feels like an hour and you are thinking, "just this morning, I'd pay a million to sleep another hour"....then on your days off, you are wide awake early?  must have to do with the job thing I guess...If you like your job maybe it is easier?  I don't know, but I sure do appreciate my dad's early morning abilities to start the day.  

Dad, thanks for the early morning training.  I love you.  You'd be proud...this morning, i never touched the snooze button once...and the coffee was ready too.

Love and Understanding


Vintagedivva said...

Yah, why is it when you hit that snooze button a minute seems like an hour and only when you know you have to get up for work!
I could never figure that one out either!
Amen to Mornings and a good strong, cup of Joe!!!
Hope you are well.
Tell T I said ciao bella!

Anonymous said...

Cool Son. Just so you know, when we go to Door County, you can get your butt out of bed early and go get the fresh strudel. I'll be sleeping in.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Morning, my favorite time of day. I love the pre-dawn stillness, almost like you're the only one in on a secret. I love watching the light inch its way up in the sky. I love how much you can accomplish in those wee hours before all the hustling and bustling begins (out in the world and inside my head). I understand why you're thanking your dad for this. It is a rare treat and I am so grateful to be a morning person (perhaps it is in our genes - both my parents and 2 sisters have no problem with getting up at 5am).