Friday, June 13, 2008

Ears and stuff

Yesterday we hiked up to the top of a beautiful scenic spot above Boulder and looked out on the city, which was breathtaking and beautiful.  Full of green trees that were so thick you could only make out the taller buildings downtown.  Behind were the mountains and at that moment I had the realization that i was truly staring at my city...the city I would live in and be a part of for a long time.  It was quiet up there and we had an amazing picnic and sat and talked and planned and laughed and imagined what could and would be...I like that bench.  

In three weeks we are off to Door County for a family vacation and I can't wait as I haven't been there for at least 10 years.  My dad rented a cottage in Ephraim for the week and it will be so fun to ride our bikes, swim, bbq, eat ice cream and laugh till we fall over.  Life is an amazing journey for sure and as one of my dear friends reminded me the other day, the journey is the part to remember...and sometimes it is hard to sit within the journey and not feel like you are going the wrong way or not trusting...but the journey often is not clear until you have fully committed to it and have a chance to look back on your path for a bit and see where you have been led and why.  I think each of our journeys is so perfectly planned out that we can't possibly imagine it and my thought is, each time you doubt or question, you fall off that path into the brambles and thorns or onto a path that "feels" right, but in the end, if you are really paying attention, you always make it back to the main path....funny, because those side trips are still part of the journey, but they are the small streams and tributaries of your great river on which your life is flowing, and ultimately that river leads to the matter what....and generally, it is much more enjoyable to float.....

May your journeys be full of large trees and mud and twigs and flowers and brambles...just don't forget to lie on your back and look up and relax.

Love and Understanding

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Swirly said...

It IS all about the journey...too much focus on the destination and we miss out on all the fun.