Monday, June 2, 2008


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each morning I awake and the first thing I think is...what will i write about today??? sometimes it comes to me in my sleep, sometimes right when I wake up and as I am walking to the computer...and sometimes this morning...I think i am too self absorbed in not feeling well and wishing i felt better. The reality is, I need to tap into my being at this moment and write what is important to me this goes.......(sip of coffee)...........(listening to the sound the dryer makes when the zippers on a pair of pants hit the side and clang clang clang).....(another sip of coffee).....WOW!
they are testing the flood warning system here in Boulder which sounds like a big air raid siren and it is very eerie...there are probably 10 different sirens with different pitches and volumes going off right now...very very strange sounding....I guess if there is a flood we'd know about it, which I sometimes find myself thinking about as I walk by our little creek outside...I think there is a good 4 feet before it would actually flood the house, but I suppose that could happen pretty quick...the water level right now is higher than I have seen it, almost to the top of the soil and rushing fairly quickly. I have heard that a large part of Boulder is in a flood plain that would come mostly from the dam up in Nederland, which, if it ever cracked, would not be a pretty sight...there is a HUGE lake up there, 18 miles up, that would come rushing down Boulder Canyon and probably wipe out a good portion of central downtown...I think....or at least cause significant damage..
(back to my thoughts)
(I have alot of white chest hairs these days...I have a pretty good farmers tan too from riding my bike a ton...)
(damn...i left my keys at my bartending gig on Sat night...i need to go and get them so I can get my mail)
(i need to stop biting my nails)
(i think I'll get a haircut today...clean it up a bit and buy some more product)
(i am so metro sometimes)
(just because I am clean and organized and like to look nice...why do we suddenly get labeled as Metro??)
(I had a woman at a bar a few weeks ago ask me if I was a model or gay.)
(i am not gay...for sure...not that there is anytyhing wrong with that...and I suppose I could have been a model..maybe i still will be..)
(Riding Giants was an amazing film...I love to surf.)
(I am going to be in Mexico on Wed for 5 days...Life won't be the same after that...I am sure.)
(does getting a base tan at a salon make me metro?)

ok...ok...this morning is not my most productive with writing, but I guess i am still writing...putting words down...making myself chuckle and laugh a bit...our minds are so filled with random and silly thoughts and it is sometimes so hard to quiet them and be silent in those moments...I think i'll go finish my book now...i have read the most books in the last month than I have in a long time...

love and understanding


Lisa said...

I liked this. Writing your thoughts exactly as they come. It is a process...

You should check out the book "Writers [on Writing]."
ISBN 0-8050-7085-0

Although I don't consider myself a true "writer", I often have an urge to write. Sometimes it comes freely, other times it is a crazy random mess of thoughts. This book made me laugh and realize I am not as crazy as I thought ;)

junibird said...

white chest hair? That is so hot to me. I like them both seperately, but together? Damn! Hot overload...
I worked box office at the garage the other day. It's not the same energy without your sizzling playfulness and Nita's all season sunshine. Come visit soon. I am a puppy for you(2).