Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1

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Today is the anniversary of the last play i did in LA at City Garage...amazing how fast a year goes, yet how slow it seems at the same time...Today i was mostly sick to my stomach...feeling a bit of food poisoning perhaps or not enough water maybe....I don't have a whole lot of energy, so i just watched Wings of Desire...a film about guardian angels. It is a very interesting and different film and takes place in Berlin and if you haven't seen it I would say rent it for a different experience, unlike most you have had in the cinema. Really an interesting piece of film.

I want pizza.

love and understanding.

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Vintagedivva said...

Hope you feel better!
Pizza, coming right up!

PS--Those shots of the doggies are insanely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job meatball!