Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cate Blanchett is Dylan

I just saw the new Dylan movie tonight and what a film...wouldn't it be weird to just express yourself without any expectations and have people worship you and hold you up to a place you never really wanted to be, and then those same people come along and tear you down and denounce you and call you Judas because you were simply following your path in life and changing along the way?  the struggle to go down our own path each day is momentous and huge and full of weight and for us to be free we need to not give in while we are on the path...even though we don't know we are on the path we are on and we can't see back or forward, just here and now...not realizing that our path is unfolding at each step in just the right way without planning, but when we do get a chance to look back, it all seems so perfectly accidental and wonderfully strange how and why things come together and don't come together..the times in our life when everything just falls into place and the times when it doesn't...the whys and wherefores...i realized something tonight...that too much thinking and planning can limit your world...it can close down the opportunity for open paths without our knowing...the universe may be prepared to give you more than you planned, but your plans may have cut that short...it may have given them a premature birth and led you short of the real path...all because the trust was lost, the wonderment, the acceptance of all possibility...as we stand in each moment and breathe, it can be damn scary, but it can also be a perfect free fall into the open arms of the world...like the moment we decide to take a leap of faith and just go for it...not really knowing what will happen, but trusting that we will not be hurt if we do....that sometimes the effort is the biggest catalyst to our moment of moving forward...like my sister's recent job with Burk Williams...she has put it all in motion and made it happen because she took the leap of faith...like my dad who is President of Wilshire...two years ago, he didn't even know if he would get a job, but he did what he does best, and took a leap of faith, like my mom, who moved away to Boulder 10 years ago and is now a huge success in the psychotherapy world here, because she took a leap of faith and did what she loves, like Gus, who goes to his studio every day and paints and leaps and paints and stands tall in his path, like Swirly, who is always jumping and landing on her feet in so many ways creatively and personally...i can't forget that...this move has been a leap of faith for me and i can't see the path in front of me..nor do I care at this moment...i only know that i can step forward with grace. 


Susannah Conway said...

Acting with, and believing in, grace is all we have really.. that and a healthy dose of trust that all will be revealed, and all with turn out as it's meant to. These things have kept me safe (and sane) these last few years... lovely post x

Swirly said...

Stepping forward with grace...at the end of the day, this is the best we can do. Very wise.