Monday, December 10, 2007

The new view

the vista, originally uploaded by boxersiciliano.

this is the view from my new place taken last fall....Wonderland Lake...amazing...tomorrow I will go there and ink the deal for the new place.
Today i drove around Boulder and got some bearings as to where i might be..i found it interesting being that i have lived in LA for so long, I never had to really concentrate when driving, I went to Lenscrafters, but in doing so i had to navigate the entire way, and frankly, it was hard! It was also fun...exploring and using all my senses to remember the way back and to try and figure out which streets came first...and then sometimes knowing where I was...the other factor is that there is still a ton of snow and slush on the ground and occasionally the truck would slip and slide, which was a bit nervewracking to say the least. I have found that the level of stress here is mostly non-existent compared to just seems like everyone here is happy with their lives and the existence...the quality of life is awesome and the nature all around is totally abundant and full of energy...when driving back from Broomfield, which is where I had to go today, i was driving into Boulder, which has an amazing backdrop of majestic mountains covered in still has not fully sunk in that i live here. I still feel like I am on a ski vacation...
I will start working this Friday at the mountain. Yesterday I was skiing again....what a great way to start!

I did have some moments today of a bit of loneliness knowing that I don't really have too many friends yet, but that was while I was eating a salad at the mall and waiting for my new glasses...if felt a little strange and big and lonely, but only for a moment, and then I felt excited and challenged and invigorated..oh, and the new glasses really help me see....nice.

There is an amazing soul on a journey right now parallel to mine and it is taking place in Fiji..i am full of excitement and love for that journey as much as mine and I am hoping that she is safe and well and living and loving.

It is snowing again.....sweet....


Swirly said...

So when can we come visit???

Ms. Conley said...

I am happy you will be able to see now! With eyes wide open! x