Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The First Ride..

Ok..I did it..finally..i put on almost all of my warm cycling clothes that I own..You can't see my booties on the feet (had to self time this shot) but they are there...It is actually not too cold today...sunny and around 38 degrees, but in cycling talk, that is still pretty damn cold..consider the fact that i am riding around 18 mph on average and when going downhill faster..so the windchill is pretty fun.  Just like all the other things here in Colorado, nothing is quite as easy to do..it's not just a bike ride anymore...it really felt great to get out though and pedal around....notice the fender on the back
wheel?  (that one is for you Luke...i know you'll appreciate that..) what you can't see is the mud and the crap and the caked on slush from 1 1/2 hours of riding.  I am not used to riding through slush and spots of snow and ice and also having to sometimes challenge a car to get the clean road...I stayed fairly warm, but let's just say that there are certain parts of my body that are...umm, well delicate and did not stay as warm as I had liked..I think I need one more layer down there. I went into the local shop around the corner and I couldn't really tell if they were mocking my "fenders" or if they were just really surprised to see a guy in full gear that they did not recognize who was out riding because apparently there aren't many guys doing any riding right now...i think they know better.  Oh well, I rode by my new house on Wonderland Lake, which by the way, is final...i forgot to mention that one...yes!  I will post pictures in the next week or so when i start moving in.  I am hitting the hot tub now...what a life eh?


Luke said...

That's what I'm talking about! Fenders and slush. Once you've got the staying warm part figured out, you'll...aww Hell, who am i kidding, it'll still be damn hard to get on the bike.


Anonymous said...

I can get you some crotch warmers for Christmas!! Just jokin.

Sounds like you had an amazing ride and I am sure the scenery was insane!

Congratulations on your new home!!! Wonderland Lake! What a life is right! You go Meatball!

Swirly said...

Congratulations on the house...creating your own nest will probably make it really sink in that you are a Boulder resident now. We miss you!!