Wednesday, December 12, 2007

snowed in

snowed in, originally uploaded by boxersiciliano.

I bought new boots feet kept getting cold and wet in my Addidas and I need them for work i took a walk around Boulder and breathed in the fresh is perfectly sunny today and warm enough that i don't have a hat on or a jacket...just my warm flannel....yesterday i saw the place i'd like to is beautiful, but we are having to go around on how much he wants for rent...i will not let this deter me from my goal and a way will present itself...

I struggled a bit yesterday for the first time in my mind..wondering how i will make ends meet, but it was brief..i let it pass through and continue on down the road, as I know that my first week here has been so perfectly abundant and magic that it will only get better...i find myself waking early in the morning feeling like a kid and looking out the window at the new snow and in amazement and wonder, i the cold and the snow and the the is so rejuvenating and i feel like an seems very simple here for me...the people are real and interested and therefore interesting...not to say i didn't have my own tribe in LA who had those qualities, but here it seems to be quite overflowing and is a place where everyone seems to be happy about their existence and the world around may be naive of me to believe it, but I can't help it...

I am truly beginning to grasp the idea of a good life...having that which you have chosen to have and making it what you have wanted it to i begin to put all the pieces together in this puzzle, there are moments of sheer wonderment, mystery and love..some fear and some sadness, but all of it is breathing a new life into me.


Maria said...

Hey -
Richard forwarded your blog to me - I'm a friend of Sheralee's - we met briefly at your sister's jewelry show about a month ago. Don't worry - no expectation that you'll remember. Anyway - all that to say I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope you continue to feel this new sense of life.

Ms. Conley said...

This blog touches my soul. I understand every word you have written. Don't worry too much... your life will unfold exactly the way you want it. Sending all my love from Fiji xoxo

I am happy your feet are warm! I can't believe you waited this long to ditch the addias.

Swirly said...

Hmmm....for some reason this post really hit home that you are far away, and now I'm a bit weepy. DANG! Now I feel like a frickin' IDIOT!

[Had to inject some humor in there before I get too gushy.]

All will work out, and you will find your way. We all believe in you!!