Tuesday, August 4, 2009

some days

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Some days are just that...another day it seems. Today is Tuesday and it is August already. The summer is simply flying by and I feel a bit tired this morning. I have been thinking of the saying..."life is what happens when you are busy making plans." It sure seems true but then there are times when I think, I need to make better plans...so what's the deal??

My whole life I have always had ideas of things I want to do or would like to do..some grand, some ordinary, but they usually find their way onto a list of some sort. Once on a list, I am pretty good at either doing them or staring at the list and never quite figuring out how to get them done, and meanwhile life is happening. I think I have gotten better at "doing", but it is for sure something I want to work more on...to not find daily excuses or things that help me procrastinate...like writing in my blog for example...there really isn't an excuse to not write as a daily practice and check in...but I find them..it is simple really...allowing ourselves to be ok with the doing and the not doing. It balances out in the end as long as we make the not doing a part of rest and reflection and not a part that holds us back from doing.

Here are a few things that I want to do:
-ride my bike in France while the Tour de France is going on with my wife.
-build my website
-publish my book and write some more
-take more motorcycle trips with my dad
-travel to Sicily with my mom
-go to a baseball game with Nita and friends
-get up earlier (sometimes)
-win the lottery
-learn more about lenses for my camera and take more pictures
-learn to play the trumpet
-ride my motorcycle to South America
-cook more

ok..see? now I could go on and on...I think i'll stop there because some or most of those are the types of things that require a bit of...well, dare I say, planning? wait, maybe not, maybe just doing...

that is what it is. Life is about doing and planning as little as possible.
that is my quote.

Love and Understanding


Anonymous said...

rockies game easy and cheap :)

Nita June said...

let's plan to not plan or do then plan to un-plan the doing and do the planning... hmm?? I LOVE YOU!!!!