Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Airshow3, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

i don't really have one...is that bad? not sure. sometimes the only thing to do is let the universe send signals and then follow them..let it guide you and trust that it is doing the right thing. I had my first board meeting with the Boulder County Arts Alliance...yes I am a board member. It was pretty amazing to think that this time last year I was simply taking pictures and now I am sitting on the board for Boulder County helping make things happen. It was a cool realization and exactly what I was talking about. I didn't plan this and never would have expected it, but it was the universe coming along and giving me this opportunity...all i had to do was say yes. That may be the best thing to remember is the part about saying yes or no. I think by saying no, sometimes we are saying yes...this action will often open up the time and possibility to say yes to the right thing. I often think about that lately...so as I begin each day, i am trying to be as selective as I can about the yes and no...I try to say yes more, but i also need to make sure I say no when it is important to.

So I heard about an airshow this last weekend and as I have been trying to be more pro active about taking photos, I said yes and had a great time wandering and taking pictures of things on purpose. Lots of times I wander with my camera, i shoot at will at nothing in particular, which I love to do and get great shots that way, but it is always a challenge to use that same idea when shooting specific items...like planes...How do i bring my vision to a plane...well, thankfully they had a lot of color and the details of metal and shape and form were beautiful...so I realized again, that, although i may have one of the smallest cameras out there, (this is a running joke with myself...as I walk around and see these guys with huge lenses etc, i always have a small moment of envy) I still see things the way that only I can see them...and that is the key...

Today is a bit cloudy and cozy and I feel a bit on the quiet side, but i am excited to find another contest or something today that I can send some photos off too...

Here is to saying yes, and no, to the universe...and following through even when it seem ridiculous or difficult.

Love and Understanding

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