Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The wild ride

SM Pier, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

something about this picture is perfect for today...the ferris wheel beckoning beyond the dark palms blowing in the wind...a reminder to come and play. Of course, off to the left you can just make out a roller coaster...now, some may consider the ferris wheel a "wild ride" but I am not so sure. It does get pretty high though and if for some reason it stops and you are on the top, it can be pretty interesting, swinging in the seat high up with nothing below...at least on a roller coaster you are on a track in a car with a bar slung low over your lap to hold you in....the ferris wheel is just a place to sit and ponder i suppose...which for me in this life, is sometimes the wild ride in itself. The moment we stop at the top and ponder what is below and all around us for 360 degrees...the fear of possibly falling out but knowing that is pretty tough to do, the fear that we may be stuck, the fear that a small bolt may come loose and cause a catastrophic chain reaction and the wheel could come off it's hinge and roll down the pier with you in it into the ocean and float away to China...whew...that is a good one.

But then I look at this picture and it comforts me...sort of the basic reminder that we can always play if we put our minds to it. Here is a ferris wheel in the middle of all the craziness ready for us to sit in and ride and take note. I think my mom and here sister were on this just recently and they loved it...it brings us back to the simplicity of what is real and gives us a different perspective in our life. I think that may be what part of the battle is in our minds on a daily basis...How do we create a new perspective to see things from each day? If we are constantly seeing the same thing and doing the same thing, i think it gets a tad boring, but if we can just slightly change the perspective and see things a little to the right or left or from above, it gives a whole new meaning.

Since yesterday, I have woken up with a slightly (albeit minute) perspective, that gives me a tiny bit of energy that I didn't have before. What comes out of this perspective is up to me and how I take it in. This whole process is not unlike taking a photo. I can stand and shoot and see the same object hundreds of different ways and as I shoot i cannot censor myself because I never really know what the best one will be...so I just try and shoot and then see what comes out later. The best thing is that the one that usually surprises me, is the one I probably would have erased had I let myself, thinking i had the wisdom to know it was not the "right" perspective....

Same with each day I suppose...that is the hard part is letting all the perspective seep in and take hold and not try and worry too much about what is ok or right...because the next day will be presented and often we will be surprised by the new thoughts, ideas, goals, or blessings that come our way.

that is the lesson today...not to censor our many perspectives on life, but to take them in and believe that the right one for now will present itself when we are ready to see it....

Love and Understanding.

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