Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Momentary loss of the mind

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the melt down...the momentary loss of the mind...the freak out..the reality check...the break down...the "i am the biggest loser lamo terd in the world" happens to all of us. It happened to me last night for no particular reason on the couch after work. Luckily this time I have immediate wife. It is very different to have those around you when this crops up in life. Wether it is family or friends or even a pet...but to remember that in their eyes this is just a momentary loss of your mind...because they don't see you that way or think of things the way you are. They see a hero, a genius, an artist, a solid on the other hand in the midst of the self loathing drivel and worry can't see anything other than the conspiracy to bring down the peaceful warrior. It is in those moments that we grow stronger and realize that the warrior cannot be brought down and will not bend and will not break...those moments teach us to go to sleep and wake up and have another go and to no let the ridiculous rules and regulations bring us to a halt. It is during those times that we must call on our partners, family and friends to give us shelter and some cookies and milk...because thunder can be scary to a child, and life is full of thunder as an adult and we often lose our perspective and have irrational moments of fear and doubt. But that fear and doubt is small compared to the strength of the giant you have next to you in love.

The Love Giant. Now that is a character i can hang with. Not the Jolly Green Love, if you are like me, some of you are having a laugh at this, but really...think about it as a kid would...what would the Love Giant look like and how would he protect you. (and stop putting this into a pornographic sense...jeez)

Maybe that is what the world is missing...more Love Giants.

Love and Understanding.

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Nita June said...

I think maybe my Love Giant resembles a big juicy huggable fluffy sweet blueberry...