Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yellow Wings

Yellow Wings, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

Artist: Will work for quality of life.

I feel like that would be a good sign to have on the side of the road...don't you wish we could choose between money and quality of life? I mean, for me, a no brainer....of course the quality of life would have to have an endless supply of special artist grants that allow us to have quality of life, but the grants come from places that have far too much money anyway and those who chose quality of life are better off using the money doing their passion and enjoying life...imagine how many people you know who are tied into a job they don't like that actually have a passion, but are too afraid to follow it 100% because they need the money...I think the world would for sure be a better place. People would be happier, they'd be having more fun, more relaxed, more love in general, and there would be a lot less health that is the solution for health care i think...give the money to artists first so they can have more fun and feel better about things and then from there, they can spread their joy to sick people who will be better and smile more and laugh, and then the world will last longer because people will drive less since they'll be busy creating, and then the global warming issue will be fixed, and then there will be nicer weather which makes people happier, and less natural disasters, which will ultimately save money that will go to the artists, and then cities will be built as art not as function, and poor people won't feel so poor, and rich people will not feel so threatened, and we can feel safe on airplanes again and won't have to pay for a blanket, and our kids will get to go to art schools and not take the SAT to prove they are smart, but they'll get to do whatever they, paint, write, etc, and our dogs will not be so dysfunctional due to their dysfunctional owners who make them crazy, and cats...well they'll stay the same, and theater will take the place of movie theaters and 6 week vacations will be mandatory.

Love and Understanding

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Mom said...

You must Absolutely get this published somewhere. It is so true and so fabulously written.
What goes around comes around...artists and human being, like you, come around once in a lifetime.