Thursday, August 6, 2009


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It seems that we are all in the same boat. No matter what the image is on the outside there is probably some similarity of frustration or feeling of despair, or wondering what is next. You just never know. It is such a trap to compare ourselves with the person next to us who appears to have it all figured out. One of my favorite things is to ride my beach cruiser and notice that drivers are either pissed off or super nice and the ones that are pissed I imagine are the jealous ones...they wish they were riding their beach cruiser, but for some reason their life has not allowed them too. So there they are in an expensive sports car not moving in traffic and I am smiling and moving and would be easy for me (and trust me i have) to turn this around and feel like a loser by thinking the opposite...look at that guy...he's driving a hot car and is loaded and...well, then I realize that is where it what?? where is the trade off? what is the measure in this society of happiness and success? I don't know...we all struggle with this. The person who has all the money isn't happy because life has become way to complicated and the money runs the world. The person who is constantly struggling to make ends meet and can't ever seem to get ahead...of course there are more extreme examples in either direction, but really, the average person is just trying to make things work and the society is leading this double edged persona..."Make a lot of money and have a great life" or "live life to the fullest and don't worry about the money"...well which is it???

I know it is more complicated than this, but the point is, we are in a constant struggle to make sense of our lives and our purpose and what this all means in society. It is the balance of living a life that is meaningful but also one that is based in reality of how society this I mean, how we deal with money vs living....As I have grown older, i worry less about money, but I can't say that I don't have my moments of frustration and wonder about can it be that my life is dictated in part by this paper shit? It amazes me and makes me angry and gives me reason to curse and scream...but in the end, that is not the important aspect of this life.

So the real challenge becomes, what is it that we love and want to do and be?? Well, that is a whole other conversation, but at least it is a bit of truth with ourselves and the world and i believe that if we live this way, all the other forces of society are controlled by our happiness, not by our fear.....

Love and Understanding.

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Magdalena M. said...

I wanted to wish you dear Nita and Justin the most beautiful and amazing life as a man could not even imagine. Be very happy together, my dear Friends from Boulder.