Thursday, September 11, 2008

6 Degrees is on its way, as today I awoke (on my Sunday, due to work schedule) on a rainy day that reminds me that winter is not far off, of which I am excited.  This is Pearl Street mall last winter i snapped this from a one up or around...just quiet...

I am struck these days by the observation of others around me.  It seems that, truly, my close friends and family, are all going through some sort of awakening or experiencing difficulties that are causing them to think differently.  It is really amazing to watch and listen and learn.  I won't go into all of their plights, triumphs or details, but I will say, that maybe one of my friends was right...maybe the planets do align and draw things together...or maybe we just create that energy ourselves...besides, when Jupiter is doing something with Uranus, it just makes me feel...well, akward.  So, I like to think that we, as a collective mind and energy, are giving each other the push we need to move forward and up and out.  I feel that for sure...that I have been given that push by those around me to believe in myself and always expand out.  

Yesterday I was reminded of how small the world actually is when i got out of my car in the alley behind my house, and standing there was a friend of a friend from Santa Monica, who happens to work in the store behind my house...she had moved here form Santa Monica last year and is now living here with her boyfriend and loving life...and there we were, standing by the creek in Boulder Co...out of context, but totally connected by our experience.  The moment you believe that the world is not a small one, think again...and then think, who am I talking too?  Did I leave behind good things today?  Will people remember me for being a good human being?  Because, for sure, you will find yourself in that moment when you are face to face with a small degree of separation from someone or something you once knew...It is the feeling that makes me want to reach out and get in touch with those that I haven't spoken to in a long time..or those that I remember who really helped me or affected my life.  

So I think for today, I will drop some emails and make a few phone calls to some other amazing human beings...and find out how they are...just reconnect for a minute or let them know I am thinking of them...

be a good human being

Love and Understanding.

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Anonymous said... are a beautiful and eloquent as I could ever imagine...please get in touch...

Love and peace -Chris Z