Thursday, September 4, 2008


colored tools, originally uploaded by boxersiciliano.

I like this shot...these are brushes in Gus's studio that he uses and creates with..these days, things are so rushed and hurried and complicated it is cool to see a simple tool being used, nothing digital etc...anyway, today i feel like the first day of fall is upon us and I must say i am signifies change and i am ready to ski and hunker down in a cozy house with a fire and create...this really will be the first time I have ever lived anywhere with a season change leading into a snowy winter...of course i lived in Eugene Or., but that is for sure not the same as a winter in sucks actually...way to much rain etc. So, this time, I get to see the changes happening on the opposite side of the Spring spectrum. It isn't cold here yet, although the temp has dropped to the 60's and the air is a bit brisker and cleaner and when you breathe in it feels fresh. The light even seems different for some reason. The observation of a season. I think this winter will be a great one.

I am nearing the end of my first photo collection that has been matted and now I am pushing myself to work with Etsy and setting up the show...there are so many things to think about and do, and thankfully if have the guidance of Swirly to help me plan a bit. If you haven't purchased her new book already, please go to her blog and do so...this book is amazing and inspiring and not only wonderful to read, but great to give to others and spread around...and no, i don't get a cut of sales, i just think it is incredible and well worth it. Swirly has for sure set an amazing example for all of us artists out there...thanks!

I hope everyone takes a moment today to reflect on where they are, if they are happy, what the air smells like, and if you could do one thing today, what would it be...

If I could do one thing today, Nita and I would go on a bike tour in Tuscany for 3 weeks....make it so.

Love and Understanding


Nita June said...

Ohhh!!!! Tuscany!!! I'm going to click my TitaBella fairy shoes together and off we'll fly! (perhaps with the help of some Zooty aided super speedy jet propulsion... (pftthh), and the sheer willpower of a bumblebee... ).

Swirly said...

Thank you so much my dear...I did, indeed, make that book using sheer bumblebee willpower.