Friday, September 26, 2008

kick me

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i really don't have much to say is friday i suppose, which these days, is great. So much to do, so little time. I've always found that the days off are a challenge from balancing relaxtion and doing the things we want, or need to do. However, lately, i have found that doing the things I want has been easier...maybe because during the week I have tried to balance post work activities with a bit more know, to unwind and chill out and not feel guilty about doing nothing. that feeling of, i should be doing things...or i need to get that done....being an adult, i can do whatever I want so there.

I think this goes in cycles...depending on our current work load or life situations, we tend to give ourselves more space for relaxing or giving persmission to drink maybe one more beer than usual on a tuesday night...(usually only one...but sometimes two right?) which is so funny still here in Boulder...i am a light weight..after two beers i can't seem to get it together. It must be the thinner air, but then again, it wasn't like i used to pound a 6 pack each night. I am just a lightweight and proud of it. (cheap date.)

now happy hour...that is a time to enjoy as of late...the days here are still warm and at 6 you can find a spot in the sun and enjoy half off goodies and a beer...before the snow sets in...tonight i get to go to my mom's for an italian feast which is the best happy hour of all...can't wait...

so...have a great happy hour today if you can, and if not, have a happy weekend.

love and understanding.

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