Thursday, September 25, 2008


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so i was reading the newspaper today and i saw that mr. george W-ya is warning of a recession...ummm...gee, ya think? i don't know these days...i sometimes just think that we are about to go the way of the Romans. I mean, Circus Maximus style. Let's see...we are apparantly nearing "DEFCONOMY 1", which is basically the Great Depression, job rates are down something like 17%, housing markets are tanking...i can't get a loan with a damn good credit score, gas sucks, food costs an arm and a leg, the financial industry as we know it is gone..changed for good, our new presidential nominees can't see there way out of paperbags as far as i am concerned anymore...what the (*&%*&^%$ kind of campaigns are they running anyway these days and who the hell cares about Sarah (*&^(*^face Palin...ok, i did like Tina Fey on SNL....point being is this...

wake up people...wake the F up and start figuring things out cause we ain't gonna make it at this rate...Rome fell and Greece and...well, you know...nothing lasts i say,


no for me.



i mean...


love and understanding


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more; you've got my vote.

Vintagedivva said...

Amen to that and I'd vote for yah!
Lets start a revolution!!! ;-)