Monday, September 8, 2008

Winning Costuem

You are looking at the winning "PIMP" costume circa 1994 University of Oregon Theater "Dress like a Pimp" contest....yep...don't ask, just know that the glasses are from Japan, the gold is not real, and the fly shirt was quite possibly one of the best finds ever in a thrift shop...
why this? you say...why today?  I am not sure, but I think it has to do with the feeling i have at the moment of reckless creative abandon and freedom...something i used to feel all the time in my years of college during my theater cared?  we just did what we wanted, and I just happened to play the role of Pimp well, only from a standpoint of dressing like one mind you.  Ok, the pimp part really has nothing to do with any of this, i just thought it was a great reminder to dress up and have fun, which I have to constantly remind myself and others  to do...which makes me realize you ever find yourself giving brilliant and enlightened advice to those around you and then realize you are actually using them as a catalyst to talk to yourself?  I do that all the time, i mean, talk to myself through others. (i don't mean to say that my advice is brilliant) just the idea of remembering to talk to yourself if you have treat yourself as the precious being you are from an outside you would with your child perhaps, or a free spirit.  

I think recently, there is so much creative juice surrounding me that it is impossible to not have fun and create.  My mom is in her renaissance and going through an artistic rebirth...

 “The first road to Art is surrender, the second is Joy.”

the above is a direct quote from her most recent time in the Bilbo Hut that she has transformed into an art studio..which is the way we grew up..always things to color, paint, cut, draw, write etc...a catalyst for creation.  My dad too, always creating and playing and encouraging music and he too is in his musical renaissance, again playing his violin and moving towards creating his own quartet and playing for others to hear...and my sister who is creating her business of healing and giving which is amazing to watch...Swirly who, as we all know, has written an amazing book (through Sheer Bumblebee Willpower)...sweet...and Nita, working on her MFA and creating her vision each day through hard work and commitment...because really, that is what all of this takes...hard work and commitment...look at Gus...hard work and undying love for it...even when things seem bleak.

To all the artists:  take joy in the creative journey and don't worry about being perfect...just create and have fun...and believe.

Love and Understanding

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