Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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it seems that the world is going at a pretty fast pace these days. Like there isn't enough time for anything simple anymore. Last night was really windy in Boulder and the feeling of fall is for sure taking over...one minute you walk by a tree and the leaves are green and the next time you see them, they are turning with the season...fast...so i started thinking how fast time just slips by sometimes. I can't believe i will have lived in Boulder for almost a year...I listened to the wind last night and felt really cozy in our bed and fell asleep to the sound of the leaves that are still on the trees. Right now the weather is still warm enough to enjoy it and walk around in shorts and flip flops, but i know that in a mere matter of weeks...well, i'll have an excuse to make cozy fires and drink warm drinks, and wear long underwear, and wear scarves and hats and boots and all the fun things that winter brings.

so there you have it. random musings for the day...don't forget to look at the leaves and watch them change...

love and understanding


Carnal Zen said...

I was drawn to photography for that reason, it makes you SLOW DOWN. In a high school play I was forced to recite my lines during rehearsal with a pencil between my jaws. SLOW DOWN most things cannot be understood at top speed.

Luke said...

Sheesh, I hear you. I keep referring to San Diego as my hometown. Except I haven't lived there since 1988. And now I've been in Virginia since 1999.

WuH-HUT? Ten years? WHAT! When did that happen?

Lisa said...

Last week I went to the coffee shop. A woman that I didn't know looked at me and said in the gentlest voice, "Sweetheart, you need to slow down." I looked at her, puzzled, thinking maybe I was walking too fast for her or something. She smiled and said, "You look tired. Slow down."
It was all I could do to hold it together until I got to my car. She is right. I...we...all need to slow down. Great post.

Anonymous said...

hello my sweet soul crumb,
i would like to place a custom order of your photography... how might i do that?
thanks for the continued nourishment.