Sunday, September 28, 2008

Failure to communicate..

one of my all time favorite movies...Cool Hand Luke....I guess this is bound to start happening in our generation...great iconic actors passing away.  I think screen actors really make it clear that we are not going to last forever as we watch them age on screen and eventually pass on...sort of an end to the belief that they will always be there.  Paul Newman.  

When I heard this news the other night, I was surprised...i think because it just seems surreal.  And then I is going to be a large portion of that generation of great actors that will pass on sooner than later.  Redford is up there, Nicholson and others....because we spend time watching them grow over the years, they become token family members to a small extent and their passing seems to create a void in the world.  

Yet another small reminder that we must work hard at embracing our own families and friends and look at our relatively short time in this life....more reason to have compassion and to be good human beings and to not waste time in the trivial matters of things that are not important in the end.  

Paul Newman....your movies will always be classic and your popcorn will always pop.  thank you for your beliefs in your own talent and your efforts to always be a good human being.

love and understanding


Anonymous said...

You would do Paul Newman proud as you have not squandered your many talents nor abandoned your beliefs in the importance of, not only talking about, but exemplifying (in deed) the qualities of a good human being.

Luke said...

Indeed, a great, great movie.

Any man who doesn't appreciate this movie, spends a night...

Luke: " the box."