Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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so last weekend we went to the Red Rocks Ampitheater in Golden for a concert...Sigur Ros, which is a band out of Iceland who sings in "HopeLandic"...a made up form of gibberish...anyway, the music was great, but the venue was incredible...if you have never been..go.

it is a natural rock ampitheater cut out of the mountain and at night you are overlooking the entire city far off in the distance. an incredible place to hear music and to be in the out doors. although, you do have to climb 10 or more flights of stairs...only in colorado right? you should do some high altitude training before you go...and, you can expect to get contact high from the wafting winds of mary jane that float through the crowds...couple that with the crisp air and altitude and it is a pretty nice night...

As a sat and watched the concert, i got that familiar feeling of artistic wanderings..the lust to perform and create and provide others with a sense of wonder, awe and enjoyment. I seem to get that most when I see live music. I am not sure why, but it struck me as i was sitting there, that live music might be one of the most powerful forms of live art...the amount of people listening in silence, sometimes, or moving or this case, i think Red Rocks probably seats over 2000 people...more maybe...and at one point, the entire crowd was perfectly still and quiet...just listening..

I think what i realized at that point was the power of music to reach a large group at the same time and to have a similar effect on them...that is why i get so fixed on the creative motion i be able to reach that many in such a state of life..raw music and is somewhat like that in theater, but never in that amounts and in the way that live music can....sure there is broadway and things, but you can't "feel" the theater like you can the "music" gets into your body...

needless to say, it inspired me to work harder on my photography...
i just started reading The War of thanks for Swirly who suggested it and thanks to my mom who bought it for me...

let's just say the key word for today is Resistance....

speaking of which, I have to go back to work.

Love and understanding.


Anonymous said...

As for music, reading your writings is 'music' to my ears.
As for theatre, watching you perform is pure bliss.
As for photography, your photos have a raw power all their own.
As for you being my son....there are no words that can capture that miracle.

Anonymous said...

Music is my bliss. I love Montreal because on any given night I can go hear live music. This weekend is Pop Montreal so there are indie shows all over the city all weekend. It's basically musical heaven.

Thanks for the book recommendation - I definitely have to check it out.

And your mom's comment was so lovely - what a beautiful sentiment.