Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mustache March 14

oh my mustache march close to my birthday..wierd!!!  So today is another attempt at a look alike...and since I had a ton of mexican food last night and spent the whole should I say...gone with the wind...i dedicate this one to Mr Gable....he too probably used to love mexican food and when not impressing the ladies took long walks to...ahem...clear his mind.

today it snowed all day at the mountain, but i didn't care...i smiled and laughed and had a great time at "work"....i came home to my amazing wife who made fish tacos...yes more mexican food...she loves it.

the stache is taking on a life of its own...i saw myself in the mirror and was amazed at its...size?  or maybe its overall spread and the slight downturn...I did notice that Mr Gable aint got nothing on my stache...Nita said, "he'd be handsome if only for the mustache..."  So you see...even Clark Gable would have gotten some shit from my there!!!

"drink red wine..because it feels good!"

Love and Understanding

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