Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mustache March 31

The End....what a journey it was....Guido, Smarmy Guy, Who Are You?, Chaplin!!!  all in a month of mustache memories...Today is a sad day indeed as the Stache has been shaved and all is back to normal...although i must admit, it does feel good to have a smooth upper lip.  For those of you who have tuned in, thank you for coming has been fun and filled with controversy and humor and well, things unexpected...I will forever cherish my mustache that I spent so much time with...going on walks, and bike rides and eating good food and drinking good wine and laughing and smiling and drinking beer and watching movies and napping and just hanging out....i am sure i will see you again someday!

"life is but a breathe...breathe deep."

Love and Understanding

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Vintagedivva said...

Bravo! That was fun!