Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mustache March 19 & 20 I missed a day...yes...yesterday...Mustache today is Mustache 20 but I am making up for it...last night I took some mustache hormones to make it extra special and as you can see...well...something went awry and although the mustache is rather large I look like William Macy..sort of...or some sort of freakish mustached hooligan on steroid injections in all the wrong places.  In two days I will have a birthday and this mustache will be the gift i have given myself....ok...not to worry...this is not really how I woke up but damn if it doesn't make my stache look Gi go ahead and laugh...laugh at my expense as I journey down this road of stubble and "chimp lip" and comments all day long about how creepy i look and i belong in a porno, or "are you a cop?" or, "Hey Magnum!" or "gee, i think it is kind of sexy"...secretly i love them all and welcome them on a daily bring it on...

"All things on the outside were first created on the inside."

Love and Understanding.

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