Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mustache March 7

ok...good morning Mustache 7....above is the picture of an early
morning foray into the new me...the face i am making seems to 
come quite easily with the stache...the stache of smarminess as my 
lovely wife likes to call it...she secretly admires it and wants one
and when I came home today, i discovered something about her
that I had never known...she likes to play dress up...see below.

the sad thing, is her stache is looking pretty damn fine and mine
is looking a bit weak still...I think she is doing an impression of
Don Juan the coffee guy with the Donkey, but I am not sure...either
way, i am very jealous of this and hope that i can grow a tremendous
stache over the next month.  it dawns on me that I will be 38 and I have
never "grown" a mustache on purpose...maybe that is a good thing given
all of the comments i am enduring in the day..such as..."Hey Tom!" as in 
Tom Selleck in a Ferrari in Hawaii...or..."Are you a police man?" (that was asked
twice by two small children at ski school...don't know if i should be flattered or
just any wifes mustache is awesome...

thought of the day....
"man who goes to bed with hairy lip, wakes up with a hairier one."

still growing...

Love and Understanding

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Lisa said...

I giggled at this post...
Enjoying your mustache chronicles.