Monday, March 15, 2010

Mustache March 15

Bon Nuit Mustache March 15...i have just completed (well almost...another 1/2 hour or so) my first attempt at cooking Boeuf Bourgninon (spelling??) by Julia Childs...ever since I saw Julia and Julia and also since reading the book about Julia Childs, "My Life in Paris"...i have wanted to make this dish...let me tell has been a long night...I started cooking at around 7 or is now midnight or close to it, but I will say that so far...the smells and tastes are is for tomorrow night so the stew will have another day or so to meld and be amazing.  This is a thank you dinner for my mom and Turtle as they have helped Nita and I so much over the last year with all our moves and life is sure to be a grand meal...i will let you know how it goes!!!

"Saute the mushrooms with lots of butter and at a high temp and don't crowd them in the pan!"

au revoir!!!

Love and Understanding


Nita June said...

"no mushroom crowding". A motto to live by! I LOVE YOU

Luke said...

Cooking!! strange and exotic dishes. I love it.

Sheesh, we're so alike in some ways, it's freaky. I just got back from a business trip to Cologne and I spent about 8 hours on Sunday trying to recreate a dish I had: "Rheinegaupfanne"'s pork medallions over caramelized onions, topped with bacon and a sunnyside up egg! Seriously German food. But tasty!

How'd your Bouef Bourgignon turn out?