Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mustache March 9

Mustache Island Day 9....feeling very "stachey" today...i am starting to feel my upper lip hair on the bottom of my nose if i crinkle it just right.  Still not long enough for food to get caught in.  The wife cries out in pain after each smooch...must not take it to heart as I know she still loves me...smarmy and all.  With my hat on i look like a hood rat...people don't look at me in the eyes too much.  I feel empowered in my smarminess and my Trans Am driving attitude.  I am in search of a large gold chain.  Today is cloudy with a chance of rain.  I have to remember to island for fresh razors to keep the rest of my face baby ass smooth.

"Smile at a stranger today."

Love and Understanding

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