Friday, March 5, 2010

mustache March 5

well ciao mustache number just for a few of you out there who seem concerned that I haven't shaved my whole face yet...i have been shaving my whole face for almost 2 years straight so i needed a break, but tomorrow I will have to shave due to the dress code at the everything will go except the it will be official after that and you won't be confused by any additional stubble.... i am getting the hairy lip syndrome now which is simply the first moment when you start to realize that far too much has accumulated...sit tight and enjoy the mustache ride of the will it all turn out?  what will happen?  who will be alarmed and who will be....charmed??  (not many i am sure)...tune in each day and find out!!!

quote for the day....

"life is sweeter when you share it with someone you love."

so i choose my wife and we are going to see a concert for the first friday off in a long time!!!

Love and Understanding

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Nita June said...

OH HUSBAND HUSBAND here we goooo!!! alarmed or... charmed?? hmmm... not sure which way I will go... but actually, who cannot be charmed by you? seriously... swoon.