Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mustache March 16

Oh Mustache March 16 how i love you so...you brought me Boeuf don't you know....it was fantastic and full of wine and good things like Thyme, and meat and potatoes too, and a carrot and pearl onions like soup, and this wine we drank and it was fine....Cote de Rhone off the vine...so fine....and a whole bottle of red wine simmered for 4 hours is so divine...we sat in the sun and soaked it in and had our fill and laughed and cheered and ate it all...well almost...the leftovers will only be more amazing and full of zest and i will most likely eat the rest...i am a happy man...yes i am, it was the best!

"patience is a virtue."

Love and Understanding.

1 comment:

Mom said...

The Boeuf, the Boeuf, it was so delicious
A stew soaked in wine
The savory outcome
All so auspicious

The stache
The bella
The turtle and
the momma

All we could say was
Yumma, Yumma, Yumma