Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mustache March 24

yes...hello mustache march 24...24 days of my life devoted towards growing you and bringing you to fruition...and is full...i have attained mustache fullness...well mostly.  Everything i do now has some thought about my mustache in it...eating something messy, or kissing my wife, or shaving, or simply walking around...the mustache has consumed me and will inevitably be a legend in its own time.  I realize that someday my child will see these pictures and say, " dang had one hell of a mustache!"...and we will laugh and I will say..."yes i did.  Yes i did."  

"showing up is half the battle."

Love and Understanding


Babbo said...

It's finally long enough that you can start trimming it, evening out those little edges above the lip. Now that is the mark of a real stache.

Just don't forget to show your kids what their gramps grew back in the day.

Justin Davis Davanzo said...


mom said...

Being of the Italian persuasion, I will have you know that the women in your cultural heritage are genetically able to grow quite the stach themselves! Unfortunately, I do not have the photos of Ma Balzano with which to compete with your father and yourself...but trust me, hers was amazing!

Vintagedivva said...

HA HA Justin your MOM is so funny! It's so true! Hi Justin's MOM!