Thursday, October 16, 2008


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well, my sister turned 31 years old last week...Taylor came for a visit and we had a great dinner at a restaurant in Boulder called Mateos...this place is so great...the glasses, the food, the people that work their...the ambiance...and only 3 blocks from home. Taylor had a HUGE steak and we all drank our fill and ate a ton...i can't believe my little sister is 31.

it really does make the time seem like a moment. Now that we are both in our 30's, there is a different feeling i think. One of understanding and mutual respect that has always been there, but on a different level now. She is her own person and finding her way and learning all the things that we learn from our late 20's to our 30's. Mainly finding out that there is a ton of bullshit that we have to wade through to get to ourselves, but once we do things become clearer. As if a window is opened and fresh air is pumped in and the sky clears and you say..."oh, i didn't know that tree was there."...

Yet, this is such an endless cycle of finding out more and more about ourselves, because i am sure at 40 what we knew at 30 will be mind boggling and so on. Strange how it all works...kind of like a reverse waterfall.

when we are young, time goes by much slower because we have no reference of the time and our experiences are huge and full of new things constantly. And then, as we get a bit older, we notice the summers start to go faster and we sometimes get bored. Then we enter our 20's and we know everything and we have no concept of up or down, right or wrong, time...and then it hits....WHAM...we turn 30 and realize that time is flying by, we are getting older and yes, seemingly a bit wiser...and i imagine as we age we feel a bit wiser and more understanding and time keeps going faster and we keep feeling we are going backwards into the calm pool before the waterfall...we started in the turmoil, the pools the eddies and work our way back up to the calm waters where we can look over and know that it is a long drop, but happy that we made it and can sit knowing what we know now. Still learning, experiencing and having fun, but in a more understanding calm way.

When we realize that we can be our own person, and live our life, that is when it gets good...taking care of ourselves so that we can be open to receiving the others all around.

So to my sister, Happy Birthday Taylor. I know this year will be a magical one full of amazing surprises and wonderful learning and when you fall, and you will, you will get back up quicker because you can.

love and understanding.


Anonymous said...

Thank you big brother...and you will always be my big, cool, compassionate, hilarious, handsome, fun, oh so talented, adventurous, loving brother that I always seem to learn so much from...I love you..
your lil sis,

Justin Davis Davanzo said...

there you go again...getting emotional.
I love you!

Anonymous said...

Justin , Thank you for this post. After reading it yesterday, I called Mateo's and made a reservation. Jerry and I had our 11th wedding anniversary celebration there and it was lovely.
Big Hugs, Grace

Nita June said...