Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Muse 2

stone, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

something i wrote in March of 2001
I believe I was trying to find my creative muse...The war of art possibly...

an army of angels sent from above
to fight and protect with silver
and gold. shields pounded from decades
of battle with clubs, and axes, and
brutal destruction. MIrror to each other
in the line of defense fearless and
steadfast standing across the dark
gaping chasms of life's terrors.
Each angel bigger than the last
with hard faces and burning black
eyes like steel talismans dropeed in
the crystal clear veins of water that
reflect the sheer brightness of the mid day
sun. fire shooting through the solid
ground they stand at the ready in
the warm wind and hot dust, silent
and strong. They wait to do battle for
me. I am their leader out front facing
the enemy and at my command we
charge without a sound, but swift like
a shooting star in the deep night.

Rally the troops i say...
Love and understanding.


Anonymous said...

As for the gift of writing are a shooting star in the deep night.

Lisa said...

I second your Mom...