Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Muse 5

Urban Yellow, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

Today is a special day...my mom's birthday. So take a moment to think about you...and then ponder your mom's birthday. of course at this point we realize it takes two, so think about your dad too, but mostly think about your mom today because she actually birthed you...This human being is your mom....how amazing. I am sure we all have different views of our moms...but we can all agree...our mom is the one who really gave us our initial journey to this world....

this is how I view my mom...

a fairy with wings, an angel with a sword, a very large loud italian chef in a very loud large italian kitchen, a cute grandmother who likes to spoil my kids, a sicilian good witch who casts sicilian spells...sometimes the spells are to ward off the evil and sometimes they are to capture the good things in life, a famous writer and artist who managed to never have to cut her ear off, a wise sage who works with divine ones and guides them through the dark and into the light, a small child who still learns everyday how to do something new, my biggest fan, a super-hero who somehow, when we were kids, never slept or got sick and was always awake before we were, a dancing gnome, a little big woman, a tiger when crossed and a lioness when hunting, a queen in the royal court, a lighthouse in the storm..but most of all, she is my mom.

Happy Birthday mom...We love you!!!!

A birthday muse from 2001:

if you sit high on the bridge and
dangle your feet over and let the
wind rush by; if you do this and
happen to look down below into
the deep blue sparkling stream or
river below, notice that the current
is flowing somewhat quietly but very
rhythmically and with simple purpose.
it flows in synchronized white
water that gently parts around big
black smooth rocks. it finds its way
through twists and turns and onto
sunny sandy beaches and eventually
into the ocean where it is part of
a bigger purpose and picture. if you
are so inclined to look down and watch
the water rush by; make sure
to breathe and smile at the ebb
and flow beneath you.

this is life.

you on a bridge watching as life
journeys onward always downstream,
wether you are in it or not.

love and understanding..happy birthday mom

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shill said...

happy birthday mom!!!kisses