Saturday, October 11, 2008


triumph 3, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

i cleaned out my garage today...there wasn't a motorcycle in it for the first time in a while...and there was a small empty space, but it was ok...for now at least, because today was the first day of winter, as far as I am concerned. Cold, rainy, cozy...i am sitting by the fire now in our cozy place feeling content from a day gone by that was full of...well, not much of anything, which was just perfect. the morning was filled with dressing warm and walking to coffee and the day was filled with the transition that happens from summer to winter...the first ever for me. I spent time taking out the ski gear and clothes that have been stored away for the summer and putting away the things that we won't use as much during the winter. It was really fun..kind of like being a bear or a know, storing up for the winter and such.

I have had time to process my recent artistic triumph and it is so nice to feel complete by really doing...not just saying, but doing...and reaping the benefits and satisfaction of working hard and being focused. At the same time I had this feeling today of being overwhelmed with things to do...i dont' know why, just a general feeling of not having enough time. After a few hours though, it went away and I settled into my down time and my acceptance that all is right for today. the sound of the fire, the crisp smokey air that wafts through your cold nose as you first walk outside, the taste of the salty sweet margarita, the dark redness of the wine i drink, the smooth earthy coffee, the meat of an olive, the moment of sleep right before you fall all the way down.

I am looking forward to the days that are spent inside, due to the cold outside, knowing that it gives us time to slow down and go inside ourselves. The winter is the way mother earth tells us to be quiet, to rest, to take solace in the creative process of hibernation. I relish the idea that i am a part of winter and can't wait for the first snow.

right now I shall eat cheese and olives and drink wine and imagine myself as a king in his castle.

love and understanding


Lisa said...

Gorgeous photo!

Magdalena M. said...

Me too, me too! :-) I can't wait snow eiter! But now there is in Poland wonderful gold autumn, which I truly love, so waiting is not very sad.

This is amazing picture...

Please, say warm hello to Nita. At firs I was sure, this is her blog :-)

Baci for both of you from Poland

Anonymous said...

That Triumph belongs in your garage, what a great picture. We are having our first fire here too, but no snow.