Sunday, October 19, 2008

random musings of a caffeine addict

canteen, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

this morning I awoke to the sunshine of high altitude outside my bedroom window, with the creek still flowing and the light of yellow and orange leaves bouncing from the trees. a quiet morning i sense. waking from a sleep that was deep and restful and warm. I dreamt of a place that is what you want it to be...not what others want it to be. where people stop and take a moment to understand things they don't understand instead of attacking with a judgement or a fear. where performers can dance at night with pinwheels and white high heel shoes, with socks made of plaid that come up to the knees, and a man can lie down on the ground with his ear to the speaker and feel safe for a moment. a place where we can look people in the eye and sense the history so we may better understand their current plight and why they see things and how.

that life is moving through us without stopping and waiting, like a river flowing, and if we are standing at the bank or if we are not standing at the bank, it is flowing...not waiting for us to watch or listen or sink or is in the business of flowing and will not wait to make sure we are there. and if we are making plans to map the river inside thinking we will now its path, the river will overflow and divert at the exact moment of our perfect understanding...and it will no longer flow how we remembered.

as a leaf falling to the ground on a windy day with a breathe of cool air and a soft quiet path downward...only weeks before it was green and vibrant and alive, not knowing it would end up on the ground in a dry and comforting crunch that is our sole as we walk through and smell the sweet decay of fall.

carry the weight within and breathe
bury the pointless ramblings of madmen who say we should be
give away the things that don't give back
stand by the edge of the water and listen
walk to the edge of the cliff and live

believe in the power of superheroes.

(i'll have another cup)

love and understanding


Nita June said...

wise wise so wise. you are magical!

Vintagedivva said...

Very Beautiful!
I think I just disrupted the peaceful blog world with my last one! LOL
Ce'st La Vie eh????
Hope you are swell!
Tell Tita Girly I said hi and we need to meet up one day soon!


Anonymous said...

My 'tribe' of friends and family who follow your blog, all consistently agree that your shared writings give them 'courage-by-association.' The world is a better
place for your vulnerable aand transparent writings...caffeined or not.