Wednesday, October 29, 2008

muse 6

green and scratched, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

middle of the week tiredness dawned on me when i was talking with some friends and reading some blogs that there are many times when we don't want to write because we feel like we can't share the deep dark things of how we know, the things we all go through each day, with the truth being, we aren't in a good mood, and we don't feel inspired, and we don't want to get out of bed, and we aren't really happy about things...even if all of it is temporary and fleeting, it still seems ridiculous to share. As i have been posting my Muse writings this week, i had been reading over some of my entries which are extremely dark and sad and quiet, because that was a time in my life when things were that way and my writing was the outlet, so now I have not connected so much with them because my life does not feel that way...but wow, reading back and thinking the same time, the other half of my writing was hopeful, and inspiring and full of wisdom that i could not fully grasp and understand from was me speaking through the darkness trying to hold myself up and keep the light shining. That is what we must do...hold our lights close and dear because we will all go through the dark times in our lives , but to be able to express them, through writing, painting, music..anything creative...that is a huge blessing. I would challenge anyone to look back at something they used to do long ago, be it poetry, painting, whatever, and give a look and a read and see where it takes you. Was it a happy time? if so, what was going on? was it a darker time? Search a bit...find yourself 10 years ago and look around a bit....Not to live in the past, but to think about how you've arrived to today....

so to share i have chosen a darker one for today...

Part I:

I am alone and not sure of my future,
yet i am hopeful i do not fail my heart and my head.
i am lost in a huge world of locust
flying for the light of summer

Part II:

I am China. Porcelain breaks easily.
Sitting on a shelf waiting.
its purpose very clear, but useless.
Inside locked cabinets, clean and white.
Too fragile to put to use.
If broken it is irreplaceable.
Only on certain occasions will
it be used.
I am China unused, undisturbed.
Real from the acknowledgment
not from purpose. Sitting and waiting.
Delicate and fragile design surround
each piece.
Brittle and soft and useless.
A family heirloom full of meaning;
A gift given to be revered.
I am China; broken and irreplaceable.
Do not breathe too close for fear
of breaking the rest.

Love and Understanding


Magdalena M. said...

Justin, thank you for encouraging (does such a word exist?) me to follow your blog now. Warmest regards for you and Nita. Baci :-)

Nita June said...

Once again, a beautiful poem - I have felt exactly this way.. I think my performance was a lot about this exact feeling...
On the positive side of porcelain though, :) I think indeed you are like china my love - you are soo full of grace and beauty, people look on you with admiration and awe, everyone wants to touch you delicately because you are so fine, (perhaps this is why you like tickling so much??) :) you are so strong yet gentle at the same time, you shine, you sparkle and you are PERFECT - exactly as you are. I will sip my tea from you any day.
Also, isn't it amazing to see how we change, how time changes us, how are perspectives shift? I so agree it is important to look back and revisit - I often forget... I LOVE YOU!!!

Ms. Conley said...

Thanks Justin. The dark is a strange place, but the sun always rises, eventually. I am glad you have found your sun. And thank you for being Tribe. It gives me courage to let the creative person within me to exist, without being sorry for it.