Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Friend

the shake, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

Each year during the month of October I realize that I miss something more than usual...Marco, my dog who blessed me for only 5 short years in my life passed away October 5 1995...yes, quite some time ago, but to this day I can still see him and hear him...He is one of my muses in this life. He has his place behind me in the studio. So for the next few days I am going to dedicate my blog to him and to the Muse.

The Muse we all have, want , need...Marco is and was one of my Muses and to him I owe my sanity at a time in my life that was not easy.

For Marco the Muse:

I still miss him.
He was my life
and kept me free.
I loved him.

The eyes of trust
have never been

The laughter never greater.

He is inside me,
my soul and my heart.
His breathe will never

I have been touched
by him.
To touch him now
would set me free.

love and understanding.


Anonymous said...

ahhh so much love.
for all our "marco's" who blessed us, thank you.
and thank you , justin, for reminding us.
big hugs

Luke said...

Hey Marco! What a stud that dude was. Sitting in the back of the truck on long hauls or freaking out in his first-ever snowfall, he was one cool friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Justin
The "Marco the Muse" poem made me laugh and cry both tears of joy and sadness. I will never forget the day that you brought him home..actually, rescued him from East Los Angeles. You two were a match made in heaven...La Peesta La Wafer...woof.

Ms. Conley said...

So sweet. I know how exactly how you feel....