Thursday, October 30, 2008

Muse 7

cold, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

Leonard Cohen is one of my very favorite poets, songwriters and spirits..if you have ever listened to his voice, it is captivating with a gravel texture mouthing the words he has written in a perfect sound. there is a lyric in one of his songs that inspired my free write below some years ago...we are all weighed down by things in life that feel heavy and difficult from time to time and it seems to me that those burdens are a choice we make...the choice to let them be heavy, or a choice to carry them easily and not let them hold us to the earth.

"in fact a burden lifted from my soul" -Leonard Cohen


In fact a burden lifted from my soul. The burden of a life within i can not control nor do i want to. I have greased the wheels from the slow squeak plaguing my mind.

In fact a burden lifted from my soul.

Shall my soul be awake in the deep blue of the early morning light and sky? Breathing with a cool wind in my nose do i float effortlessly along the rolling windy paths of disguise. As if i am free, as if my burdens have flown far away and gotten lost in the absolute sky above. The sky of never ending ironic capital clouds that build animals and float listlessly in the same burden-less breeze that kills my burdens with ferocity of butterflies in a hail storm of their paper-thin leaves in autumn with minds of their own, flying away together, quietly and unshakably tolerant of the torrential terror in front, behind, and below. The burdens endlessly float away by themselves and release the kindness of a lost soul buried beneath senseless fluff and ignorance. Do i bury myself and cross my arms with pale make up for all to see? I will let my burdens fly with monarchs and die into the light of a afternoon sun and cool in silky light. Lapse of memory inside a bowl cut with lemon and sugar giving a stinging pain to the open wounds of my burdens. Alas my burdens have set me free.
At last i am behaving like a butter-flied soul...conscious...aware and carefree.

love and understanding

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Anonymous said...

It is not often that I mistake Leonard Cohen's written word but then I realized this written piece was yours!! I could really see you adding your prose to your photographs...they are equally stunning.
Too, I just viewed the trailer for "The Shiftling"...your film and stage presence is such a 'natural' for you. Can't wait to see the movie in its entirety.