Monday, October 13, 2008

off days

jump, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

some days are just this morning, I feel no bueno. I think i may have a stomach virus, but hey, it is sunny out and warm again so i'll just sit home and relax and take a day to recoop.

I have really felt connected lately to people i have been meeting. Other artists, athletes, couples...a sense of awarness and the desire to surround oneself with other people that are full of creativity, opinions, interesting stories and life experiences. I feel so fortunate to be awake in my life these days so that i am open to each moment.

That, i think, is one of the challenges we face on a daily to stay open and alert and really take note of our surroundings and what is being said. Treating each person with a fair introduction that is not biased based on what they look like or what they might be wearing or what you may have perceived them as. I find my mindset is different these days as I take my title as artist and photographer into each allows me to step back and observe, and I really feel good about the strength that it gives when you honestly say to someone that you are what you are...artist, musician, writer, chef...whatever it may grounds us from a real place.

I also think that knowing from a place within, and not waiting for others to tell you what you are, is the key...then we are rooted in ourselves and not dependent on what someone else may give or not give...the attitude that we are all in it together and we each bring the unique differences of ourselves to the table and that is that.

I used to not enjoy "networking" or going to social events where I didn't know anyone..maybe because I wasn't sure of, i relish in the next opportunity to meet one more person who can teach me something about this life.

love and understanding


Ms. Conley said...

So true..we all have lots to learn and who better to teach us than other like minded people. Always a thrill and an awakening. The/this universe is truly an amazing place....

Magdalena M. said...

I hope you feel better than yesterday. I like to watch your pics sampling.



Lisa said...

It is Monday, Brotha!

BTW, your photo "Parked" is amazing. All of your work is good, but for some reason I keep looking at "Parked" over and over.

Hope tomorrow is mas bueno than today.

Anonymous said...

Where did you come from...someplace over the rainbow, moon and stars? What a treasure trove of love and understanding you are.