Thursday, October 9, 2008

the show has been amazing...I got a call later today from the Boulder County Arts Alliance...the one i applied for to get a show this year with my photography....well...i got will be a show that will hang from April 09-June 09 at the McGuckins Design Center!!!  A high end design show case where people can come and work with high end kitchens pictures!!!!!  and..the Public Library might want them too!!! so...on a day, where things line up and things happen because we make them happen...i am beside myself and proud for doing....just for doing...and as one of my teachers taught can't wait for your ship to come in if you never send any ships out...that is the truth.  So now, i embark on more of a artist you thank you....

i have been so inspired by those around me who are artists and really doing it...Swirly, Gus Harper, Nita, my mom...those who are making things happen.  My dad always taught me that you can do anything...this is all part of the grand picture.   No pun intended.

I will keep you posted....Buy some pictures soon...they might be going up in price!

love and understanding.


Lisa said...

Go on with your bad self!!!

This is awesome! So inspiring :)

Justin Davis Davanzo said...

thank you!!!!!!
go go!

melissa said...

That's great! Congratulations! So very excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your pending art exhibits. It appears that presently you have found yet another hearth and home to express your vast creativity.

Magdalena M. said...

This is absolutely fantastic! :-) Congratulations! :-)

I have to introduce myself, because this is my first visit on your blog. I start to write my own blog, and I found you on blogger profile, by Ken Wilber. And then I saw the place you live - Boulder! :-) Wow! :-) The same as him.

So I decided to welcome you and to send you a lot of kind regards from Poland! :-)


Swirly said...

Soooooooo exciting!!! Congratulations!!!