Monday, October 27, 2008

Muse 4

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Again with the dog...i think they might be my spirit animal perhaps...I think dogs and kids live a very similar life...get up when they want, go to sleep when they want, eat, play, worry about when mom and dad are coming home. Kids grow up though at some point and that is when dogs take the lead...they don't forget how to do all of those to play and nap and love and listen. So today, I will practice being more like a dog....i might even hump someone's leg for fun....

2001-journal poem

this life is golden
give into it like a child
and take hold.

live complete and free
without knowing the mystery
of you or of me.

eat what you can and tast
all that you see
we can't smell the limbs
of pine in our finger
so pick them up and
let them bleed.

deaf to the songs of birds
will give into madness.
open up and listen
to what the say with
small brains and simplicity.

sense your importance and
give to it complete and
without abandon, adjust for tranquility.

Love and understanding

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shill said...

love the poetry! liking your blog very much :)